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Living on credit Apartment for a loan.


Nowadays, more and more people use credit institutions. What is more, we can say that we live a life on credit. However, why is this happening? Which means that more and more people are choosing credit instead of saving. We take loans not only to satisfy our whims. A loan is often the only reasonable solution to be able to buy e.g. Property.

Permanent work

Permanent work

We live on credit even when we have a permanent job and regular account receipts in the form of payroll pay. Permanent, full-time work is unfortunately not an indicator of prosperity. The fact that we work full-time for an indefinite period does not mean that we will be able to buy everything we need immediately. Unfortunately, full-time work guarantees that we can even buy a flat. Permanent work can only guarantee us that the bank will grant us a loan for an apartment.

Loan flat

Loan flat

Most of us don’t have enough cash to buy a flat. In adult life, however, comes a moment that we need it. Putting down an apartment with an even average salary can even be said to be pointless. Before we collect the necessary funds, it will turn out that it is no longer for us, but rather a safeguard for our children. Sad but unfortunately very often true. Here, the credit institution comes to the rescue. In many cases, it is only thanks to the loan and the decision to make the so-called Living on a loan, we can afford to buy an apartment that we can enjoy and use for a long time.

Living on credit – a conscious choice

Living on credit - a conscious choice

In the above example, we wanted to not only show how difficult it is to become independent and fully enter adulthood only counting on your abilities. It also aims to show that living on credit is not just the result of whims and making small dreams come true at all costs. In many cases, choosing a life on credit is an informed decision. We know all the pros and cons of living on credit. We are ready for the loan commitment. We often simply have no other option or at least this is the most advantageous solution in many respects. In this situation, not only financial issues are important, but also the reality of purchasing real estate for a loan compared to unreal savings in this case with average earnings.

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